June 25, 2019


The goal is not to work 24 hours 7 days a week. the goal–for an artist–at least is to be ready and willing to work any minute of the day.


“Writing While Noisy”

WWN is one of my goals. Write whenever the opportunity presents itself. Even when I don’t have my tools. Even when I don’t have a good idea. Even when i don’t know what to write about. Even when i don’t feel like writing.


Always be closing.

Same idea. Always be making progress. 24/7. Ask yourself this question: is what you are doing right now going to get me closer to my goal? Try to always answer yes.

Even if you are sleeping. Sleep will refresh your mind. So will exercise. Or meditation. Watching a tv show? Not so much.


Always be working.


Writing While Noisy. Is bad grammar, but a great habit.


June 25, 2019


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