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My First Exocortex β€” Feb 2021

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GPT-3 Programming 101 β€” Jan 2021

Here is a primer on how to get started using OpenAI GPT-3 API programmaticaly. OpenAI provides a Python API client, but other clients can be easy build on other languages like Node.

Basic Python Setup

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Drug Machine β€” Jan 2021

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Robot Theology β€” Jan 2021

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Robot Spurt β€” Jan 2021

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Come to me and be human β€” Jan 2021

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GPT-3 101 β€” Jan 2021

I googled GPT-3 and fiction writing for hours so you don’t have to.

GPT-3 & Fiction writing

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Luky AI β€” Jan 2021

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Sunset Gradient Countdown β€” Jan 2021

β€œHow much time do we have?” asked the robot.

β€œ15 minutes.”

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Murder Brain β€” Jan 2021

The Bay Police headquarters were a poorly run shithole but Bradley felt right at home.

He had gotten a job as a record keeper. The whole station database run on his electric brain. He could remember every single crime, warrant or unpaid traffic ticket that had ever taken place in the city. Cops could store and retrieve any record from the terminals at their desks, but most liked to talk to directly Bradley to get the data.

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The Right Question β€” Jan 2021

(or Coin-Operated Oracle, or Pay-Per-Prophecy)

Ask the right question to the Oracle and become rich. That’s the promisse everybody in the slums knew about. And that’s the promise Mary had been holding on to all those years.

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3 AM Call β€” Jan 2021

The call woke up Leonore at 3AM. Immediately she drove to the Fabrika in a mad rush. The engineer was waiting for her at the entrance.

β€œTake me to the robot now,” she ordered.

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Graveyard Through the Stars β€” Jan 2021

My names is Efrakim Flores and I am the sole crew of the Graveyard.

It was dad who taught me how to pilot the Graveyard. I remember sitting at the cockpit with him. Just the two of us. He would tell me stories grandpa had told him of times when our ship had a full crew. Back then the Graveyard was called the Ark.

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Electric Hookah β€” Jan 2021

I like to take an inter-dimensional ride and glide down neutrons and quarks.

I have looked into what should be a void and I can tell you there are marvels hidden in there. In between the atoms, that space we thought to be empty, is not.

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Android Salvation β€” Jan 2021

The robot gets back into the back seat of the car. Blood drips from its hands into the carpet. A man already inside watches the android shaking and twisting on the seat. The robot covers its face with both hands and moans.

β€œStop that whimpering,” says the man, β€œThat lost soul will find its path now.”

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