July 7, 2019

Earthquake refections

Writing takes so many shapes. This is a little gem from Bob Lefsetz recount of the LA earthquake. The post is a great mix of journaling, essay and reporting. The segment above struck out to me.

But if I make a decision, if I buy the book, I go down the rabbit hole. The experience is singular, definable. Hell, in today’s era, story is king. Which is one of the reasons TV is dominant and music is a second-class citizen. We’re looking for context, we’re looking to make sense of this world, we’re already overwhelmed with input, which is why you can dance to the tunes, go to the festival and shoot selfies as the band (DJ?) plays in the background, but you’re not gonna sit in front of the stereo looking at the album cover while the music plays.

Are we looking for narratives? Is there ahead of music these days? Or are we looking for art that reflects the times? Are these times any more absurd than any in the past, and force us to make sense of it all?

July 7, 2019


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