February 11, 2016

Lindsey Brouker On The Long Tail Of Sales For Indie Authors

Lindsey Brouker, who has published excellent advice on launching a new pen name from scratch, writes the following about earning figures and the opportunity for independent authors.

The good news is that you don’t need to be anywhere within sniffing distance of the Top 100 on Amazon to make good money. Really good money.

If you find an indie author who has several full-priced ebooks (not 99 cents) in a series under a 10,000 sales ranking on Amazon, and they’re there consistently from month to month, that author is probably going to clear six figures this year. The more books you have out (that are selling at least moderately well), the easier it is to make that kind of money.

—Lindsey Brouker: Are There Really “Secrets” to Self-Publishing Success?

Lindsey shares the 101 of succeeding in the publishing market today:

I’m going to assume you’ve already read blogs and forums or have listened to podcasts and know the basics: write in a series, have awesome cover art, have a blurb that appeals to the target audience, have entertaining and well-edited stories, and pay attention to what’s working right now in the marketing world.

Lindsey also adds to the list developing your own voice, publishing consistently and marketing your books. As she puts it “your six-figure (and more) indie authors of today are people who have been publishing the kinds of books their readers want regularly for years.”

February 11, 2016


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