June 28, 2019

Movie Loops

Here is my list of favorite movies which story consists on a time loop:

Since I’m here, I just finished Russian Doll, so here are my top favorite thing from the movie:

  1. Great characters. Specially the female protagonist who is a somewhat of a “cunt” (her best friend’s words), but more importantly a woman comfortable with herself, who is not playing the role in life she chose for herself. Independent, saucy, cynic, dark, rude… Think Edina Monsoon, and replace her superficiality with existentialism.
  2. Great visuals. From the vaginal-black-hole-ish bathroom where the movie restarts every few minutes, to the protagonists’ looks, etc, etc.
  3. Great mind-bending idea. I love mind-bends.
June 28, 2019


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