July 26, 2019

Negroponte on Transhumanism

“We will have genetically modified humans and we will correct nature’s mistakes. It will be a very different future.”


“This will happen with the next generation. It’s a bit late for us, because reverting the ageing process is harder. But there is no doubt that your children and my grandchildren will live to be 150. And we’ll make people with disabilities walk again, and later we will be able to eliminate rare diseases.”

Also he comments on the techno-pesimism that abounds today even as we rely more and more on technology (or maybe it’s precisely because we do).

“There is a growing sense of skepticism all over the world, that technology has created many of the problems that we now need to solve,” he says. “If you look at it objectively and with perspective, technology has brought many solutions, such as in medicine, and the problems are mostly due to the way we use the technology.”

July 26, 2019


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