July 5, 2019

Quick thoughts on the writer’s block

I haven’t experienced write’s block. At least not that dreadful block that’s often been described almost as a malady for writers.

I have experienced days of low inspiration, but I always found that once I start writing, good stuff comes out.

Writing is work. Paraphrasing Seth Godin. A plumber doesn’t show up at your house and then says “I really am not feeling like I can do this work now.” They just show up and get the work done.

That’s my take on it. Write the stuff. Afterwards you can always edit or throw it all away. But first get it down. I might struggle with plotting and completing large projects, but not with writing words down.

Writing is a craft, not an art. Maybe re-writing is an art, but putting words down, is a matter of consistency and habit. And showing up.

July 5, 2019


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