August 7, 2017

r.H. Sin on using Instagram as a writer

r.H.Sin is a best selling author that uses Instagram to post poems in the form of screenshots of text. In this article he explains his numerous experiments on the Internet until he landed the current formula. He specially emphasizes the effect hard work had in his success.

“That’s what they call it in the beginning, ‘we’re just talking,’ yet no one is saying anything,” he wrote. “People aren’t discussing things of substance. They’re not asking questions. All these forms of communication but no one communicates. Social media has become a way of window shopping, of watching other people love one another.”


“I am a workhorse. I think a lot of people in my industry are content with the ‘struggling artist’ ideology. I’m not. On any given day, my account brings in 600,000 to one million ‘likes.’ The object is to be seen or heard, and I make a lot of noise.”


“Your account should be growing, you should also be growing. Evolving is the point,” he said. “People bullshit in our niche, they say follower count doesn’t matter but how in the hell do you expect to reach this generation if they’re not following you in some form or capacity?”

—r.H. Sin, The Life of an Instagram Poet

August 7, 2017


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