December 28, 2018

The Conceptual Loops of Daniel Eatock

I’ve been following Daniel Eatock work since I can remember. I think I found his work as soon as I started surfing the web looking at what the early creators shared online. He had a tremendous influence in my education into conceptual work (be it in art, design, marketing, etc).

I always found the simplicity and repetition of Eatock’s work very alluring. I particularly like his photographic collections mundane objects (car batteries, inspiring people, etc) and his obsessive repetitive pieces (pen prints, holes punched, dotted paper, pen tests, lists, etc). He is also very strong with his most simple, reductionist ideas (ballpoint removed, stick stuck on ceiling, etc).

Considered Accidents is the one piece that always comes to my mind when I think of Eatock (he’s been finding and photographic this subject for 18 years). Here is Daniel’s description of the work:

Photographs of Fiat cars designed by Pininfarina. The undamaged Fiat has a graphic slash as part of the cars styling located above the wheel arch. Each photograph presents a car that has a second graphic mark as a compliment to the original by result of an accident.

Considered Accidents, April 2000 – Ongoing

I recently wanted to dig back into his work and I was lucky enough to find a recent interview with him at Scratching The Surface. Here is the link the podcast episode: #93: Daniel Eatock.

I hope you enjoy Daniels’ work.

December 28, 2018


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