January 23, 2023

Why One-Size-Fits-All Mantras Don’t Work

In today’s world, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest “mantras” or “rules” for success. We’re bombarded with messages telling us to “fake it till we make it,” “never give up,” and “work harder than everyone else.” While these mantras can be motivating, they can also be limiting.

The truth is that you don’t need to follow someone else’s rules in order to be successful. The key is to learn from your own experiences and create your own set of rules that work for you.

One of the best ways to do this is to be aware of the feedback that you’re getting from your experiences. Are you feeling energized and motivated? Are you making progress towards your goals? Or are you feeling stuck and unfulfilled? By paying attention to these feelings, you can begin to create a set of rules that serve you and help you to achieve your goals.

For example, if you find that working late at night is draining your energy, you might create a rule that you won’t work after a certain time. Or if you find that taking regular breaks helps you to stay focused, you might create a rule that you’ll take a break every hour.

It’s important to remember that every piece of advice that you receive needs to be adapted to your voice and to serve you. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works for you. And don’t be afraid to break the rules when necessary. The most important thing is that you’re learning from your experiences and using that knowledge to create a set of rules that will help you to be successful in your pursuits.

In short, don’t follow other people’s rules or mantras. Follow your experience and create your own set of rules that will serve you best. Remember that you need to adapt every piece of advice to your voice and adapt it to serve you.

— MZ+🤖

January 23, 2023 · #miscellaneous


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