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October 8, 2017

Don’t Be Afraid

We got off the tube sometime before midnight. It was a strange hot night in the ‘burb. We climbed the steps at the entrance to the park. We always liked to take the path up to the top of the hill. From there we could look all around, to the antenna on the top of Dry Mountain, to the skyscrapers Downtown, to the dark sea behind the city wall.

We walked with arms locked and with anticipation at being outdoors in this clear night. We barely got out of the house anymore. It had been weeks already. The only time we could be safe to come out, were dark, moonless nights. Nights when we could hide in the shadows and breath the fresh air.

Those were the only nights for humans to come out. But of course, they know we would come out in nights like this. That’s why despite the protection from the shadows, we walked in anticipation. Sometimes they too liked to come out at night and wait for us.

And that night they did. When we reached the top of the hill I could see their figures far in the distance. Many more than usual. I discreetly looked behind us and saw a more getting closer. I turned to look at Rika in the eyes. He pulled me closely and whispered to me “don’t be afraid.”

★ ★ ★


I still cross that park. Now I have the courage to do it in nights of full moon during the day. But they don’t come anymore. Now they won’t give me what I want. They won’t send me with Rika. To reunite with him.

We are few left behind. From their headquarters they say they want to protect us, but from the streets they kill us. One by one. Soon there will be no humans left. Extinct at the hands of our own children.

October 8, 2017 · #101ToF · #Fiction · #Flash Fiction


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