Sci-Fi Flash-Fiction and Short Stories

Tales of AI — Written with the help of GPT-3

My First Exocortex
Drug Machine
Robot Theology
Robot Spurt
Come to me and be human
Luky AI

More Tales of Future — Flash fiction

Sunset Gradient Countdown
Murder Brain
The Right Question
3 AM Call
Graveyard Through the Stars
Electric Hookah
Android Salvation
Robot John
I was a robot once
Mushroom TV Broadcast (or Psycho-Musrooms)
Shelter Fever
Robot at the Symphony
Cosmic Miasma
Metalic Blue Eyes
Hunter on the Scorched Planet
In the Blink of a Galaxy
Riding the atom
One Universe at a Time
Traumas Be Damned
What I Saw
The Coup of the Red Drones

The Machine Chronicles — Short Stories

Pioneer Phase II: A Robot Deployment
Neon Under a Starry Night
Source Code to the Soul
The Empath
Animal in the Flesh
Heart of a Robot
Virtual Legacy
Blood of a Runaway
The Myth of the Beast
In the Quiet Dead of Space
A Solo Cocktail at the Headless Horse

101 Tales of Future — Daily flash-fiction stories

Robot Fright
Body Redesign
Space Allergy (or Flowers for Ixche)
Don’t Be Afraid
A Robot’s Sorrow (or A Robot’s Lament II)
A Robot’s Lament
One in a Million (or Those who can’t connect)
Vermin Paradise
A Revolutionary Coincidence
Robot Envy
New Twin Brother
A Robot’s Revenge
A Glitch is a Glitch
The Reality Game
Robot Upkeep
Robot Forgery
Brain Evolution
Death by Mushroom
Gödel Time Curve
Death by Zorg
Awareness is Born
Space Revelation
The Robot Liberation Front
A Taste of Soylent
Them Witches
The Cult of the Machine
A Robot’s Emptiness
Galactic Eviction
Death Warranty
Perception Pills
Visitors from Tomorrow
The Slicks
Light Speed Limit
The Empress with Glass Eyes
A Song of Death
Bob the Lumberjack Robot
The Knowledge Machine
Memory Parlour
Voices in the Greenhouse
The Robot Market
Surrogate Robot
Underwater Landing
The Idol
A Crinkle in Time
Deadly Miscalculation
Psychic. Can read any mind
The First Human
Meditation Implant
A Tiger’s Dream
Defective Model
Venusian Orbs
Robot Infidelity
1,000 Year Punishment
Robot at the Door
The Jungle of Wild Robots
Brainless Robots
Robot Eclipse (or Eclipse on Demand)
The Fountain of Perpetual Motion
Martian Fever
Dead Planet
The Disappearing Planet
Android in the Mirror
Upgrade High
Seeking Refuge
Robot Taxidermy
Left Behind
The One Law of Robotics
Demons from Above
Randomly Generated Love
Robot Overpopulation (or The Future Doesn’t Need Us)
Null Man
Goodbye Earth
Death of a Universe (or Postcards From the Edge of the Cosmos)
Too Smart of a Car
Secrets of a Robot Stripper
The Space Smuggler
Time-Traveling Justice
Slave Robots
Death of Li4M
Mind Reading at a Funeral
Space Parasite
The Poet and the Robot
The Oracle Robot
Erasing Memories
“What Is Pain?” Asked the Robot
Psychic Headphones
Heartless Venusians
If Androids Could Get High (or Mechanical Drums and Polychromatic Acid)
Zvsky in Space
Genetic Affair
Deadly Free-Will Robots
Clover the Robot
Electric Shower
Caravan of Robots
3D Finger
Jules Verne Reanimated
The Last Ship to Leave Earth
Don’t VR and Walk (or Missed Connection)
Robot on Robot Murder
Overcrowded Spaceship
Last Bird in the Wild