flash fiction
January 13, 2021

Metalic Blue Eyes

“I understand that you specialize in defending droids and robots in criminal cases,” said the woman in the back suit who had just walked into my office. She looked to be two hundred years old. She also looked to be filthy rich. Her android wore more expensive clothes than I did.

“I do defend androids, but I’ve never worked with a robot,” I said. “I try to avoid them at all costs.”

“Why is that?”

“Well, to be completely honest, it’s easier to win a trial when defending an android. Humans forget they are looking at a machine when they look at an android. It’s hard for a jury to sentence to capital punishment a creature that looks so much like one of them.”

“Well, this one looks as human as you and me,” she said pointing to the android next to her. It had the face of a young man.

“And what are the charges againts it?”

“Manslaughter,” said the woman.

“Murder!” I said jumping off my chair when I heard her say this.

“Manslaughter,” she said.

“Manslaughter?” I looked at the android noticing for the first time the muscular body hidden under the clothes. “Whose?”

“My husband’s.” I searched for a expression of sadness on her face that was not there. “Alfred has been with us for 25 years. He has his things, but he is loyal.”

“Loyal you say.” I sat back down on my chair.

“Something happened last night. Electric storm,” she said waiving her hand. “That’s my best explanation for the glitch.”

“You call murder a glitch?” I said.

“Manslaughter. Will you take the case?”

“You need a mechanic, not a layer.”

She pulled a stack of untracked credit tokens on the table.

She extended one hand towards the android who grabbed it between both of his. “What is your fee?” The young man looked at me silently.

“Well, Alfred does have a handsome face,” I said fascinated by the android’s deep blue eyes. “I would hate to see it crushed.”

“So do I,” said the woman. The android was rubbing her hands with care. “So do I.”

“So do I,” said the woman. The android looked back at her with a warm, loving look in his metallic blue eyes. “So do I.”

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