flash fiction
January 19, 2021

Robot John

“Make sure it’s a girl.”

“> Yes, father,” replied the robot.

The door of the black car opened. With a movement of metallic butterflies the shinny robot stepped out into the busy street. The robot was made of mirror-like chrome metal. It had glass eyes and hollow cheeks.

It walked towards the line of half naked bodies that were leaning against the wall. Blondes. Redheaded, Brunettes. Young. Old. Feminine. Masculine. The robot approached what appeared to be a girl who was talking to what appeared to be a boy. They both looked at him amused at the sight.

“What’s a robot doing in the meat district?” asked the boy. “Are you a sex bot?”

The robot pulled out a card. “I can pay,” it said looking straight at the girl.

“You have to be kidding me,” said the boy.

The girl inspected the card. “That’s a lot of money, robot,” she said.

“> It’s yours,” it said.

Without hesitation the girl took the robot into the hotel. The boy watched them dissapear dissapointed.

She lead the way to her room. She stopped in front of one of many doors, and reached inside searching for something. She flicked a switch and a light over the door lighted up. She took off her shoes before walking inside. The floor of her room was covered with pink carpet.

The girl took of her jacket and sat on the bed to undress.

“> I am sorry,” the robot said. Swiftly it grabbed the woman by the neck blocking her breathing. She struggled noislessly, fighting her attacker with fists, and nails.

The robot killed her as quickly as he could. She didn’t suffer much. It made sure of it.

The robot spreaded her body onto the bed carefully. It pulled the hair off her face, crossed her hands over her chest, and fixed her clothes. Lastly it pulled the translucent white sheet of the bed over her head.

The robot walked out the room, and headed out the same way it had come out of the building.

The boy shouted after the robot when he saw it come out. “Are you finished already, tinman?” He thought he saw the robot tremble, but he dismissed the idea as unlikely. He could only think of the the credits he’d missed out on.

The robot thought of the girl. It thought of her body on the bad. It had looked like a divine figure wearing a veil. Father would be happy. It had to be a good sign. A sign of redemption.

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