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August 3, 2017

Secrets of a Robot Stripper

“You want to know what’s so good about robot strippers?” said TR-4X. “You’ll have to watch until the end.”

I told TR-4X that I had never been to a robot strip club but I would go with him to one. Is not that I’m a prude, but I never understood the appeal of robot strippers. Everybody knows robots aren’t manufactured to be anatomically correct. What could TR-4X find so fascinating about it?

The club smelled of formaldehyde and ammonia and was entirely illuminated by pink and blue neon lights. We found a seat in the second row and ordered two long-shots. Electronic music blasted from the stage and a silhouette appeared behind the curtains.

A robot opened the drapes and stood in the middle of the stage in a dramatic pose. Its metal had a chrome finish that reflected all the lights around. It looked like a human figure with mirror-like skin. The robot also looked to be genderless. I turned angry to TR-4X.

“This robot is wearing no clothes!” I whispered.

“Shhh. Just watch,” TR-4X said without looking at me.

I sat impatiently watching the naked dancer change from pose to pose like an athlete in a bodybuilding competition. It appeared that the robot could control every intricate piece it was build with. Dead bored I tried to excuse myself and sneak out.

“You have to stay until the end,” said TR-4X grabbing me by the arm and pushing me back in my seat. “The best part is coming up.”

And that’s when I finally understood the big deal about Robot strippers.

I looked up to the stage and I saw a gap open in the chest of the dancer. As that gap opened wider I could see the insides of the robot. A complex mechanical skeleton covered in a greasy oils. The robot looked like a person whose flesh was turning inside out. I sat frozen watching the horror unfold before me.

“What an impressive piece of engineering!” exclaimed TR-4X. “Ever seen something more beautiful?”

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