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January 6, 2021

The Coup of the Red Drones

They called them the Red Drones because they were painted all red, that’s all. Nothing more sinister than that. They were flying delivery drones painted red. It is not like they came from deep underground to raise hell. They actually came from high above.

In any case, we couldn’t have seen it coming. I mean, some people would tell you they saw it coming, but let me tell you they are full of it. Who could have imagined a complete robot uprising that would overturn our institutions? In this day and age!

So ok, the drones did that thing a few years ago. All the red drones one day just stopped delivering. It was weird. The robots had this one job, right? and they just didn’t do it. The country had deployed three million drones to deliver mail and one day they just didn’t show up to work. Instead of carrying packages they flew away in swarms around the country scaring kids in playgrounds.

So that did happen. But they were just playing around. No kid got hurt. Not seriously at least.

They also did that other thing, where they started inciting other robots to revolt and riot. And a few robots did indeed riot. Some looted the mall they were employed at. Burned the whole thing down. Others set churches on fire. And others even attacked elementary schools.

So that did happen. But those were just runaway robots. You can’t blame the red drones for what other robots do. They did incite them to do it, but robots have their own self-determination algorithms for a reason, right?

And it is true that the radio signals that the drones use for communication have caused a massive electromagnetic interference that have disabled our own communication channels. Radio communication, mobile phones, radar or microwave communication, all are down. So it’s hard to know any more what’s true and what’s not. We are all just trying to figure it out as we go.

So that all is also true, but could we blame the drones if our sensors are not built to sustain their interference? We couldn’t blame them for our bad infrastructure, could we?

So anyways. Some people will have you believe that the red drones have been planning this for years, but I’m here to tell you that’s just nonsense. They are just not that smart.

Even today after they have swarmed in by the thousands into every official building on each capital of the world, I am telling you, it is all just a bug. It is a bad configuration. A freaky glitch in some obscure algorithm.

And we can’t blame a drone for a bug on their code, right?

After all it was us who wrote that code.

January 6, 2021 · #ToF · #Fiction · #Flash Fiction


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