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August 28, 2017

Venusian Orbs

Kalixto and I ventured into the the Red district determined to make the deal of the century. The most popular of the neon clubs was run by Big Mama, the head of the local mafia and a dangerous force to recon with. But I had with me the latest, strongest dose of L-Matridazin ever smuggled from Venus.

We walked into the club. I checked my automatic at the door, Kalixto his augmented 45’ gun and magazine. Somewhere in this club Big Mama was getting drunk on acid. We checked the VIP area first. She wasn’t there, only a few losers, a robot maid, and a teleprompter. We checked the dance floor and the bar. Again nothing. Finally Kalixto said “let’s check the loo.”

There she was, Big Mama, snorting coke directly off the head of a three foot tall robot. She was seated on a caterpillar chair and rolled towards us when she saw us come it. “Bad boys. Bad boys! This is the lady’s room. Can’t you read?” The restroom door had a black squiggle in the shape of a vagina.

“We have something for you,” I said shaking the plastic bag full of colorful balls. “Long Pete got them from a missionary nun on her trip back from Venus. She said they are the bomb.”

“You are a funny guy,” she screamed with a giggle that I hadn’t heard since I used to flip skirts in elementary school. “Get outta here you two!”

“Hear me out,” I said with a mischievous look to lure her in, “you’ve never tried anything like this. These are Venus Orbs. You’ve heard of them, I’m sure. Try one and you will remember any memory you’d like. You’ll relive the moment as clear and sharp as the very first time.”

Of course she bought them all. We were rich. On our way out Kalixto asked me, “so what is it that Big Mama wants to remember so bad she would pay such fine price for?”

“Few people talk today about Big Mama’s only son,” I said. “He was killed by a street gang. That was many years before she decided to clean up the district. When I heard a cargo of Venus Orbs had arrived, I knew she would pay anything for them. Anything for a chance to see her kid again. Even if in memory.”

“You don’t say!” Kalixto exclaimed while counting his coins.

“You might think Big Mama a depraved old woman,” I said, “but she was once a very loving lady and earned her name showing the biggest heart a mother could have.”

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