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September 25, 2017

Brain Evolution

We are here today to make a difficult decision. The safety of the brain stimulation drug, commonly known as the Booster pill, is in question.

This committee approved the drug for public consumption more than 50 years ago. After reviewing the results from several studies regarding the long-term impact of the drug, we have an obligation to reevaluate our position.

It is not in question the great benefits the Booster pills have provided. In just a couple of generations we’ve been able to improve the performance of the human brain ten-fold. The average IQ is twice what it was 50 years ago. Learning rates, memory, verbal comprehension, spatial orientation…, all have been greatly improved. And most importantly we have completely eliminated a wide range of mental disorders.

However, we have also found side effects never anticipated. These studies show that kids and teenagers are becoming more and more disengaged from their environments. The subjects have higher rates of goal completion, but little emotional connection to their families and peers. They show a significant decrease in social interaction and lack of interest in sharing emotions and building relationships.

We have reasons to believe that, if not corrected, these changes will become irreversible. If we don’t stop our man-made evolution we will have to face a future where emotions will be minimized or erased entirely. Some scientist believe that this decrease in emotional responses, actually, will drive up long term productivity and better decision making. Perfect minds not affected by bias, distress, conflict of interests, stress, anxiety, favoritism, etc, means objective thinking at its most pure form.

The question we must face now is, are we ready for this permanent change? Are we ready for the future of the human race to be dictated by pure facts and objective data?

So, to answer this question, we are here to vote on a classified new initiative. Those in favor of the Ultra-Boost program for covert treatment of the population, please raise your hands now.

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