February 2020

Writing + Git
Lefsetz on life

January 2020

On blogging voices
I am a human being
Alejandro Jodorowsky on Making Art
The you in you isn’t the you you think is in you.
On Letting AI Write the Story
William Gibson on the Short Story Format
Everyday: Kate Bingaman-Burt’s Daily Drawings
Everyday: Austin Kleon on Daily Blogging
Bruce Sterling on Science Fiction
I’ve Seen the Future and I’m Not Going
In One Sentence: Evensong by Lester del Rey
On the Revival of the Novella
Seth Godin on writing bad
Chuck Wendig on getting back to blogging
Ray Bradbury on the practice of daily writing
We are all writers
Chuck Wendig on Writing During Weird Times
Walter Mosley on black heroes
Writing fiction with Atom

December 2019

2020 Goals
“You must write to the end of the story.You must make progress toward that end today.”
Heinlein’s Rules
In one sentence: Uncanny Valley by Greg Egan
“What are stories but mystery boxes?”
In One Sentence: Student Body by F. L. Wallace
In One Sentence: The Deathbird by Harlan Ellison
Short Stories to Read on 2020
One short story a week
Harlan Ellison on Writing
Sci-Fi Magazine Submissions
“You learn more from finishing a failure than you do from writing a success.”

September 2019

We are all the same, all that’s different is the story we tell ourselves about who we are.
Although my mother was never officially diagnosed — the idea of seeking a medical intervention added to her feelings of failure and shame — it’s clear that she suffered from some form of depression.

August 2019

“Everyone complains about the laws of physics, but no one does anything about them.”1 —Greg Egan, Schild’s Ladder

July 2019

How to write a complex SciFi plot without going mad
Negroponte on Transhumanism
Practically perfect people never permit sentiment to muddle their thinking.
AI programming
The value of a book
Altered states of consciousness
Winning Isn’t Everything, it’s the Only Thing
The more that I force myself to get rid of digital clutter, the more that I find myself seeking analog intellectual stimulation.
The Beginning of Nanotechnology
Learning by Teaching
The Beginning of Nanotechnology
The legacy of Turing
The Cognitive Transformation of AI-assisted Interfaces
A negative approach
What life really looks like
Onward through the impossible
Deepfake — In which we learn that video can lie like a pro
“The hard is what makes it great”
The C-word — Consciousness
During one interview, Gilberto stared out the window.
The Others
John Gruber on the state of blogging
Of Mushrooms and Robots
Earthquake refections
A True Story
Quick thoughts on the writer’s block
Something Is Broken in Our Science Fiction
What hallucination reveals about our minds
Young man on acid
The Origin of Consciousness
How to read many more books in a year
The Protagonist’s Journey
On reducing noise

June 2019

Tricking the monkey brain
Paranoia Agent
On Distributed Thinking
The creation of a riddle
The making of one
Movie Loops
3 kinds of people
Why write
Failed dreams
Creation > Consumption
A clean desktop is a clean mind
The journey
Choose pain
On being quiet
One sentence everyday
Idle curiosity

January 2019

Nick Cave On the Limitations of Mechanical Artists
A Few Storytelling Tricks I Learnt From Netflix’s Bird Box
Obsessions & Habits
On the Repetition of Rap

December 2018

The Burden of the Creative Artist
Tribute to Albert Camus by Jean-Paul Sartre
The Conceptual Loops of Daniel Eatock
Notebooking Habit
Henry Darger and the Perseverance of a Lifetime
It Feels Great To Do Little

November 2018

Stephen King Says It’s OK Not To Plot
On the Value of a $450K Piece of Digital Art
A Freudian analysis of Humans and Machines in classic films

July 2018

Man vs. Machine
Ernest Hemingway on the Daily Practice of Writing
History of the Far Future
The Hero’s Identity

June 2018

On Quiet Minds
On the Value of Bad Art
Sometimes I See People
Inner Logic of Sci-Fi Stories
On the Robot Soul
On Doing the Right Thing
Theme and Meta-Theme in Coco
Logic and Emotion
On Being Scrappy and Clever
No Comments
Writing can save your life

May 2018

On Tom Wolfe

October 2017

September 2017

Isaac Asimov, Harlan Ellison & Gene Wolfe discuss Science Fiction back in 1982

August 2017

Roosevelt on victory and defeat
r.H. Sin on using Instagram as a writer

July 2017

Word of the day: Logotherapy
Carl Richards On Judging Your Own Work
Michael Swanwick on Writing Short Stories

March 2017

Book outlining and an icon timeline

January 2017

Orson Scott Card on beginning and ending a story
Ralph Waldo Emerson on self-reliance
Absolute best quote from all of Westworld Season 1
How to find peace in a busy world
Gene Wilder’s Final Monologue from Rhinoceros (1974)
How robots could easily manipulate us
Is consciousness a requirement for super-intelligence?
John C. Lilly, biocomputers and the difficulty of studying consciousness
Doris Lessing on writing self-fiction
The levels of Show Don’t Tell
Leave Life Exhausted
My character needed a flaw, and this is what I got
2016 Failures
Not A Resolution, But A Plan For 2017
On Planning A New(ish) Book
On Being Quick And Dirty
Max Interviewing Max: Conversations With Myself
New Year’s Resolutions
I Am Planning For Somebody Else To Write My Novel

December 2016

The Brain Is A Pattern Matching Machine
Blade Runner 2049
Top Tyrants from Sci-Fi Movies

October 2016

Plotting Your Book: Story Drafting
A Complete Guide for Planning and Drafting your Book: A NaNoWriMo Checklist
Charlie Kaufman on Writing Stories and Taking Risks

August 2016

Bill Cunningham on Technique vs Storytelling
The Dry Zone
Writing Serial Books, Short Formats for a Distracted Audience
Sunday report: August week #2
Kealan Patrick Burke on Succeeding at Self-Publishing
John Scalzi on Manboy Audiences and Women Protagonists
On Writing but not just being a Writer
Sunday report: August week #1
Taran Matharu on using Wattpad for Fiction Writing
Ira Glass on Being a Newbie
It’s Written in the Stars
On Failing and Being a Failure
Frances Stroh on Writing
Hugh Howey on the Health of the Writing Industry
10 Lessons from the Kings of Lowbrow Cinema, A Writer’s Confession

July 2016

The 9 Most Inspiring TED Talks for Novice (and Expert) Writers
Abby Rosmarin on Aspiring Writers
Daniel Arenson Advice to Aspiring Indie Authors
‘On Starting All Over Again: 6 Learnings From a Failed Draft’
Top 10 Most Popular Twitter Hashtags for Writers

June 2016

Taran Matharu on writing the book he wanted to read
John Scalzi on treating writing as a business
On the importance of handwriting, or why do I carry a notebook everywhere I go
Write even when it feels uncomfortable, specially when it does
To find your motivation answer this question: Why do you write?
Bookstore temptations: June Edition
Book Review: Advanced Screenwriting

May 2016

Bookstore Temptations: May Edition

March 2016

More On Printed Books And The Future Of Traditional Publishers

February 2016

On Punctuation
Libbie Hawker On Writing Speed
Lindsey Brouker On The Long Tail Of Sales For Indie Authors
Book: Writing Science Fiction And Fantasy
James Baldwin On Writing Endurance
Dalí on Failing
On Printed Books And The Future Of Traditional Publishers
Hugh Howey On Writing
On ebook prices set by publishers
On “Free” Writing Platforms

January 2016

Visual Symbolism In 1977’s Saturday Night Fever
Bookstore temptations
Fractal structures found in classic books
On Fairy Tale Stories Being Older Than Writing Itself
The Journey Is The Destination