January 9, 2020

Chuck Wendig on getting back to blogging

Every now and then bloggers have call to arms: “Let’s reclaim the good old blog.” Because, eventually, writers, readers, all of us, get tired of the public spaces. Those social networks with the loud voices, the misinformation, the bots, the bad manners, the stress-inducing barrage of news, etc. And with each event of data leak, privacy changes, misinformation, etc, we seek refuge in the simple and safe. The good old blog.

Those social media sites are external.

They aren’t yours.

Maybe collectively they can be ours, if we claim them, but just the same: we lack actual ownership. But you need a place to call your own. A place to which you can escape. A place to call home.

Remember being able to read something that took you more than two, three minutes to consume? Not just one glib tweet, not just an article you reshare because you peeped the headline and that’s probably good enough, not some SASSY MEME or ANIMATORTED GIF FILE. Wasn’t that fun? Not having the attention span of a high-anxiety, cocaine-sniffing chipmunk?

—Chuck Wendig, Old Man Blogs At Cloud

January 9, 2020


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