June 24, 2019

Creation > Consumption

I deleted twitter and apple news from my phone. Every now and then I read another article or another comment online in which people try to curb down their internet addictions.

People are deleting their facebooks, instagrams, twitters, etc, etc. We are a species looking out for peace? enlightenment? happiness? anyway we can.

We killed boredom. We hunted it and extinguished it out of existence.

It takes a clear mind and quiet heart to think we might have gotten too far.

For me, I realized, every time I looked back after checking my social addictions, that I had not learnt or grown in any substantial way.

And it might just work. Literally I was checking my phone, a minute ago, looking for the latest news when I remembered that I had deleted twitter and news. And thanks to that void, I am writing this now.

The formula should be:

Creating > Thinking > Learning > Consuming

Or to put it in more positive terms. Whichever path we take should always end in creation:

Consuming ➔ Learning ➔ Thinking ➔ Creating

June 24, 2019


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