flash fiction
August 30, 2017

Defective Model

“How much is 34,564 times 245,458?”

“That is too easy of a question.”

“Answer, please.”


“There has been an error in your factory of origin. All units like you are being recalled. Due to some burrowing mistake your name is missing from the list for recall. What do you do?”

“I present myself to the authorities. I inform them there is recall order and I need to be returned to the factory”

“You will be put down, you understand. Your memories will be erased and your body destroyed. Doesn’t that upset you?”

“Well, clearly there must be something wrong with my model. If I don’t give my self up something could happen to me or those around me.”

“So you are saying you are a defective model?”

“I’m not saying that. You are.”

“Am I?”

“Yes– No!” I knew he got me then. I always take their questions too personally.

“Thank you for your interview, Mr K. I’m afraid we won’t be needing of your services in the future. I’m sure you’ll understand we can’t tolerate this kind of outbursts at our company.”

“What outbursts are you talking about?” This time I couldn’t help to raise my voice.

“Your application stated you were an Android, correct? I’m sure that was an honest mistake.” He flashed his perfectly designed white smile at me. “As you know it’s illegal to discriminate against humans, but for this role we need somebody that’s more collected–or should I say–more cool-headed than you.” He got up to show me the door. “Have a good day sir.”

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