December 16, 2022

Embrace the pain


We suffer more from our fear of pain than from pain itself. We go to so many lengths to shield ourselves from pain, that we live in a perpetual state of tension.

Pain is inevitable.

We much change our relationship with pain.

We much accept that pain will come to happen in our lives and we need to prepare for fight, not flight.

Pain is also the path to change and growth. if we avoid pain entirely, we stagnate, and we don’t become better versions of ourselves.

Change is driven by pain.

Pain is a necessary catalyst for growth.

Pain is both positive and negative. Pain is a signal that something is off and needs attending to. The louder the pain the more attention we need to pay.

In the lonely journey that is the search for oneself, pain is your loyal companion.

December 16, 2022 · #miscellaneous


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