January 31, 2016

Visual Symbolism In 1977’s Saturday Night Fever

  1. The immaculate christ-like figure at supper Saturday-Night-Fever-037

  2. Al Pacino father/messiah figure Saturday-Night-Fever-102

  3. Woman as the mother/temptress (“good girl” or “cunt” movie dilemma) and her sex as the entrance to the sinful and divine. Saturday-Night-Fever-217

  4. Stripper as both accessibility and inaccessibility of sex Saturday-Night-Fever-255

  5. Tony Manero as the centerstage god figure Saturday-Night-Fever-279

  6. The life of celibacy as the dead of man Saturday-Night-Fever-321 Saturday-Night-Fever-322

  7. The manhattan bridge as the separation of classes and a symbol of hope and aspiration Saturday-Night-Fever-355

  8. Sex as the driving force of man Saturday-Night-Fever-376

  9. The bandaged Tony Manero as the wounded and resurrected hero Saturday-Night-Fever-417

  10. The train as the umbilical cord and womb of isolation Saturday-Night-Fever-523

  11. Dawn as the beginning Saturday-Night-Fever-529

  12. Handholding as hope and the opportunity for friendship, reconciliation, and healing. Saturday-Night-Fever-549

January 31, 2016


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