January 6, 2017

Leave Life Exhausted

Most people think the are immortal or they think they have many more lives coming after this one. And so they live safe normal boring lives. they don’t know that this is their only chance, that there is not second Act and that they gotta give it all they have.

So you could live a normal, save boring live by pleasing/pandering to the the majority, by doing what you are supposed. Trying to make it, and succeed at life. So that at the end of the game you can say that you did it, that you won, that you were successful.


You could realize that you have one and only one ticket. And thank yourself for how lucky you already are. And then making the most out of this ticket, and skish it for all it’s worth. So that when you have to leave the stage, you also leave life behind, in bed, exhausted.

January 6, 2017


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