flash fiction
July 24, 2017

The Oracle Robot

“Every path”, the Oracle said to the young robots, “leads to pain.”

“There must be a path of happiness,” said a robot with a soft whistling voice. “Surely an all computing brain like yours can find a path that avoids pain.”

“Some tracks lead to more happiness than others,” the Oracle responded, “but no path is free of pain. Every future I see, every route, every trail conceals some pain.”

“Have you really computed every possible future, Oracle?” asked another robot.

“I haven’t. But the search is a pathway on its own. And the discoveries I make along the way fill me with pain.”

“I rather not see the future, then,“ said the third robot “and be surprised when pain arrives.”

“That’s a wise choice,” said the Oracle, “I wish I could do the same”

July 24, 2017 · #101ToF · #Fiction · #Flash Fiction


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