July 25, 2016

Abby Rosmarin on Aspiring Writers

No nonsense writing advice from Abby Rose.

Want to be a writer? Own it, live it, be it.

Aspiring writers: get the f*ck up. Lace up those proverbial dance shoes and just do it. Stop telling everyone that you have the idea for the next Great American Novel in your head and take the steps to get there. Pick up the pen — start up the computer — and write down what’s going on in your head….

Do not be an “aspiring writer”. Be a writer who aspires for greatness. Or simply be a writer who aspires to let the art of writing affect them, personally and privately, as a human being. Aspire to change the world or aspire to simply change how you interact with the world.

But, for the love of God, do not “aspire to write”.

If You ‘Aspire To Write,’ You’re Doing It Wrong

Abby Rose

July 25, 2016


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