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October 10, 2017

Body Redesign

I’ve been doing body-redesign every year since my 21st birthday. That’s the same year my mother is convinced I died. I know many people reject the idea, but body-redesign is perfectly safe, and believe me, it feels great to wake up in a fresh body with a clear new mind.

Thanks to the cloning farms, no body change is out of reach. Anything is possible. You can be a man or a woman. Tall, short, brawny, lean, dark, light… I could look like a Spaniard, or a Nubian.

And that’s just the stuff they show you in the commercials. The real fun is designing your own mind. You can get rid your neurosis and bad habit and increase your intelligence and confidence. You can get an alpha-type personality or quiet introverted one.

That’s all great, but not everybody agrees. My mum says that body-redesign is a fancy term for murder. That I was killed the day I let the machines destroy my body and load my memories in a new one. She is convinced that I am nothing but a lab-engineered clone with a bunch of stolen memories.

I mean, teeeechnically, she is right. They do have to disintegrate my brain and body during the scanning. Is part of the process! And it is true, my new body is farmed out in underground fields outside of the city. But it is not a clone, is made to order! Yes, only my memories are loaded in the new body. But since I get a new personality I don’t need the old one!

I explain all this to my mum but she doesn’t understand. After all, if I am changing of course I’m not going to be “the same.” If it is not me inside this new body, then who else would I be?

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