November 12, 2022

Core concepts for a macOS native development newbie

Before I jump to learn native development I needed to get my basic concepts straight. Here is what I learned so far.


iOS gets much of attention for native development (vs macOS)


Swift and AppKit ****are used to make native UI for macOS


UI libraries

There are three UI libraries for native development

SwiftUI seems to be the way forward but still not fully developed.

Declarative programming

Declarative UI programming patterns seem to be all the rage.

Web-based technologies

Web-based technologies are an alternative for native development are


Right now, it feels a little bit like the three main MacOS app frameworks are floating in unanchored space: AppKit is not the future, Catalyst is not ready to replace it, and using SwiftUI remains a long way off for big, complicated apps

Where Mac Catalyst Falls Short

Ok, so SwiftUI is not ready, but it seems the learning curve is small and for simple application it might be enough. It might be a good place to start for me. Alternatively I could go with React Native since I’m dabbing into React these days.

I’m sure I got something wrong. Will try to remember to update.





November 12, 2022 · #miscellaneous


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