June 24, 2019

Failed dreams

Not to sound too dramatic, but some ideas, some plans, just don’t come out the way you want them to.

I’ve written a number of short stories. I like the format. My favorite author was a master of them1. But the long format still resists me.

I think I know what I have to do. I’ve said it a few times. I need to write the book even if I know is bad. Because it will be bad2.

So, ok. I have this book in my head. It’s a big mumbo-jumbo right now. I’ll try to explain it to you now.

The story is about a hero who is getting fired because in the future all jobs are slowly being taken by robots. But our hero doesn’t like to be replaced, he has big plans, he wants to be somebody. So he rebels, he gets in contact with an illegal/pseudo-religious organization that oppose the robots, and are building an army of supra intelligent humans.

But of course, the super-intelligence comes with a risk. The risk of an implant. A small computer implant that turns humans into super-humans.

The government opposes the super-humans. The super-humans oppose the robots. The robots… Well the robots have other plans altogether.

Ok… So you might be thinking, what is this story about. Really? Well, it is about human obsolescence. It’s about humans seeing the upcoming of robots, and fighting it with tooth and nail. Will they win?

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June 24, 2019


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