November 18, 2020

First you need to produce the clay, then you must mold it into shape.

— old internet wisdom

I didn’t meet my word count goal today. Instead, I reviewed all the writing I had done till now and rewrote the outline.

I have written for about two weeks and yesterday I finished the last scene. Still the story didn’t quite make sense. Plot is still my challenge. The story didn’t quite make sense. There was one story in my mind, a different one that I started writing and a series on different stories that came in and out of shape each time I sat to write.

Once I had all the pieces the picture didn’t really come together. There were undecided beginnings, confusing middle and multiple incompatible endings. The motivations of the characters were not clear neither were their personalities, really. Plot and characters were, are all over the place.

So today, after finishing a first draft, I decided to take a step back and define a clear concise plot.

Somebody said that there are many stories, but one doesn’t know really what story we are writing until it takes form on paper. Once the story has come to itself, we should hinder it and let it become what it wants to become. That’s what somebody said. I think read it in Plot.

So today I looked at all the misshapen clay I had produced the last two weeks and tried to give it shape.

November 18, 2020


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