November 29, 2022

Loneliness and Robots


i trained an ai chatbot on my childhood journal entries - so that i could engage in real-time dialogue with my “inner child”

michelle huang

Just yesterday I was reading about how Americans are spending more and more time alone:

[I]n 2021, the average American spent only two hours and 45 minutes a week with close friends (a 58 percent decline relative to 2010-2013).

I understand some people might feel uncomfortable about “AI chatbots” (about their inaccuracy, or “fakeness”). However I can’t help to think that the future of humankind will be plagued by artificial entities that we will interact with as we do with other humans. It might be in the form of simple ELIZA models, some ML artifact or full-on conscious intelligences.

I suspect there will be huge benefits to virtual companions to help with this crisis of loneliness that afflict us. In any case I hope humans will evaluate these technologies by the value they derive from them.

Read more about the artist who fed her childhood diary into GPT-3 and had a moving conversation with her younger self

November 29, 2022 · #robots


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