January 2, 2017

Max Interviewing Max: Conversations With Myself

Everybody speaks inside their heads. Everybody has dialogs with themselves. I don’t chat, I interview myself. Sometimes I’m an entrepreneur, others an author or an intellectual. But always I am successful.

Many times I ask myself about the origins of my triumph.

“What is the key to success, Max? How did you get there? Where did the spark of inspiration came from? when did it hit you? Is there a recipe for success?”

Other times I ask about future beyond my success.

“What’s next? Are you afraid you will be a one hit wonder? How are you going to top this? Do you have another project in the works?”

And sometimes, I like to look beyond my own life timeline, and ask myself about the meaning of it all.

“What would be your message for aspiring artists? What would be your legacy? If you had to summarize your life motive, what would it be?”

I have long interviews, and short ones too. I see through the years of work and listen to my advice and words of wisdom. I tell myself, what the truly valuable thing is, I tell myself that there is a meaning to just being even if life is, well, meaningless. And that success is not the answer but also not something to disregard.

January 2, 2017


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