January 30, 2023

On AI harming the Artists

Wellness harm

In support of the argument

There is undeniable harm caused to the artist community in the form of anguish caused by the uncertainty of how AI automation will affect the jobs and livelihoods of a community characterized on the whole by the difficulty of sustainable compensation for their labor.

How can we make up for the discouragement and stress that the rapid release of these tools is causing the artist community?

In defense of the argument

On the other hand, one might argue that such a threat is not unique to this community or this moment in time in particular. Many other jobs have been transformed by automation and AI poses a challenge to the operations of many industries.

If we think of AI as another phase of industrialization, we have to admit that we have gone through many iterations of work (r)evolution. Why stop now?

The question remains: how do we support the artist community and mitigate the harm caused by this uncertainty? And on the flip side, how do we embrace this latest phase of work evolution?

The rapid release of AI tools is not something that can be stopped. It’s a natural part of progress and change. But we can work together to find ways to support artists and other impacted communities through this transformation, to help them thrive and continue to bring beauty and creativity into the world.

January 30, 2023 · #robots


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