flash fiction
September 12, 2017

Perception Pills

Without even knocking, Dmitry took out his laser gun and shot at the door. It exploded into a thousand pieces. As usual, Dmitry had no patience to wait around. He wasn’t the most discrete cop, but he got things done, that’s for sure.

We stormed into the apartment like a hurricane. Our scanner was beeping crazy with traces of drugs, but there was no sign of guns anywhere. We run down a narrow hallway towards the room at the end where a tv was playing.

There we found Joe on the couch. He had a surprised look on his face and a pizza slice still hanging from his mouth. He looked back and forth at us trying to count how many guns we had. He knew he was screwed.

I silenced the scanner. We had found what were were looking for. Right in front of Joe, in the middle of the coffee table was a jar full of green and pink pills.

“Are these perception pills, Joe?” Dmitry asked opening the jar and grabbing a handful of them.

“That’s just candy, man,” Joe said.

“Don’t fuck with me, Joe.” Dmitry said. “And don’t call me ‘man’.”

Dmitry held one pill between his thumb and index, smelled it and swallowed it. He closed his eyes for a second and opened them up again.

“These are some high quality sensory upgrades,” Dmitry said looking around the room. “Beautiful. You need to try one.” Dmitry handed me one of the pills and then turned to face Joe again. “I really wish humans could experience these pills, Joe. You are selling this shit to robots everywhere and you really have no idea what you are missing.”

Joe said nothing.

“You are going to tell me where you got these, Joe. Or I’m gonna blow your brains out.” Dmitry turned towards me with a smile. “Have you ever seen human brains? I have,” he made a face of disgust. “They are gross.”

“You can have as many as you want!” Joe shouted. “Take them all! But don’t kill me, man!”

Dmitry turned to Joe and without a word, shot the gun into his head.

“Don’t call me ‘man’, man” said Dmitry putting away his gun.

We took the jar with us and left the apartment. On my way out I swallowed one pill and, let me tell you, what an incredible view I saw! No wonder sensory augmentation is illegal. Yeah, it’s pretty clear why Control wants the drug off the streets. If robots out there knew what our hardware is capable of, there would be a revolution.

September 12, 2017 · #101ToF · #Fiction · #Flash Fiction


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