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November 9, 2022

Political independence at work

You have to respect everybody’s right to their political views. You might not agree with those political views and some might be deplorable, but you have to respect people’s personal choices in the matter.

If you are a leader, I believe you have to demonstrate such respect. I believe you owe it to your team to show tolerance and acceptance.

I believe an office is a place where work comes first. There are other things of significant importance (tolerance, diversity, inclusion, etc), but they should be there in support of creating better work.


If there is a political discussion that directly affects work, it belongs in the workplace. However I have encountered none during my career. Some topics tangential to the political discourse, do belong in the workplace, but they should be addressed outside of party political (inclusive hiring, gender pay, sexual discrimination, etc.)

I believe leaders should be inclusive of all political views to create a safe environment of collaboration. As a figure of authority, you should be aware that expressing your political affiliation is going to antagonize people on your team.

Do talk about values and principles, but leave your party out of the conversation.

November 9, 2022 · #work life


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