August 8, 2016

Sunday report: August week #1

I have just started writing a short sci-fi story about robots. It is the first time I write a story without having a title first. We’ll have to call it… Robot Dialogs #1, since this might be one of the stories for a short story book on robots.

The numbers

Here is the word count for the week. This doesn’t account for the any of the blogging. This is just fiction writing.

Total: 7,573 words

Fiction writing classification by word count

Wikipedia specifies the word lengths for each category of fiction writing as follows:

Short story under 7,500 words Novelette 7,500 to 17,500 words Novella 17,500 to 40,000 words Novel over 40,000 words

I already have what technically constitutes a short story. Of course, I barely wrote pass Act I, so I am probably looking at another 10-20K word.I’ve been saying that I was writing a short story for a while now but It looks like I’m on my way to writing a Novella. I might be able to cut it down when I take this first draft and rewrite it all. James Patterson Bookshots seem to be about 30K words so that could be a good number to aim for.

If I write 7k a week, it will take me 4 weeks to write this novella. Which is too long I think. On top of that I have to add editing, etc. Hopefully I speed up this week.

Speaking of, I am off to write my 500 words.

If you struggle to write, cut out the crap.

Cut the superfluous out of your life

August 8, 2016


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