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October 8, 2022

The Cult of Confidence

The Cult of Confidence is the cult of corporate life.

It’s the cult of people who act as if they have all the answers. The cult of people who have never been wrong. The cult of people who knows how to get us from a to b.

You know them. They are on every office. They are the ones to tell you your fears are unfounded. Because they are one step ahead you. They already thought it all and have a plan. Your concerns are not theirs.

I must confess I have a visceral dislike for these people.

But really, it’s not them. It never is. It is on me. It is on me to see what’s beyond the curtain of charisma. Though sometimes there’s nothing, other times there is.

I reject the cult of confidence. but I understand the appeal.

But come on, it is one model of leadership that we’ve practice beyond exhaustion. Time to try something new.

October 8, 2022 · #work life


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