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February 4, 2023

The Gravity of the Situation

We face two approaches when grappling with a serious issue:

  1. We take the problem extremely seriously. We exhaust all the information at our disposal and prepare for the worst, even if it means unsettling those in positions of authority. They must handle the pre-problem problem, which translates to risk management. This responsibility is often met with resistance.

  2. Alternatively, we minimize the problem and adopt a hopeful attitude, disregarding the most negative outcomes as unlikely scenarios. This approach is seen as a waste of time and can demoralize the team. However, it is favored by those in authority, as it allows them to ignore the issue. This approach, however, puts the onus of risk-taking on those on the ground, making them feel uncomfortable and accountable for ensuring everything goes as planned.

Your responsibility is to embrace the first approach and not take the easy route. True leadership requires experiencing the challenges and overcoming them, not simply formulating strategies from a comfortable distance.

February 4, 2023 · #work life


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