December 18, 2022

To make art put yourself first


The maxim of the indie hacker is that in order to create something useful for others, one must first make something useful for oneself. Solo entrepreneurs have it right.

Look for a problem in your life (you likely won’t have to look too far), and fix it. If you are successful you would have solved a problem for yourself. And beyond that, if other people have the same problem, you now have built something they can use/enjoy as well.

I think of art making the same way.

I make art for myself. I am not doing it to find my crowd. I am doing it for me first.

This is the ultimate Henry Darger move. HD is the guy who spent years writing and illustrating a novel thousands of pages long, for himself and no one else. Nobody even knew he was writing until after he died.

I want to make art that addresses my aesthetic interests. Art that heals my creative soul.

That is my goal.

December 18, 2022 · #miscellaneous


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