April 9, 2022

Visualizing 10 years of writing

Inspired by github’s activity graph I decided to aggregate all the words I’ve written since I started writing/blogging.

2010 to 2022 wordcount

Almost since I started writing 10+ years ago I have been quite consistent with my format.

I have written for many reasons:

I also have started keeping track of my activity. I use many systems for tracking my work on a daily basis. Specially important when I’ve committed to any everyday project.

Key data

What does this all mean

Hard to put into words exactly what I felt seeing that graph and reading those numbers.

  1. I thought I had been more consistent. Honestly, before seeing the graph I would have said I wrote more days than not, and wouldn’t have noticed the big gaps the last two years.
  2. I thought I had written more. If a novel is roughly 100K words I have written the equivalent of 5 novels. But thing is, not all of that is fiction, I’d say half of it is non-fiction. So I’ve written less than 300K words of fiction rough, unedited and unpublished (for the most part).
  3. I’ve written for longer than I realize. On the other hand, although I haven’t been writing since I was a kid, I’ve pass the 10 year threshold. Still have a long way to go to write my first million words though.

What does all this work look like?

And here’s the graph in github’s green, because why not.

2010 to 2022 word count

April 9, 2022 · #writing


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