October 6, 2022

Dry the Well

You have to dry the well to get to the ore.

Write everything down. Write every idea down. Get it all out. Write the good ideas, and write the bad ideas too. Write everything that crosses your mind.

Because at first it’s all bad really.

But, the thing is, you need to get dig through all the mud to get to the core.

You need to put the work.

Write as if you were pumping water out of a well. You will keep producing bad stuff until you dry the well.

At least that your bad stuff.

Because all those first ideas that come rushing in are the obvious ones. All that stuff is what you already knew you had in you. So write it all out.

Write it all out.

And then, the hard work starts. Then you hit solid ground and now you have to bring the big guns. The heavy machinery and you have to drill, and drill. You are not even producing water anymore. You are producing mud, and dirt.

You’ve reached the bottom of the well, the top of the mine.

What comes from here on after, nobody has seen before. What comes out will be new.

And that stuff might not be good yet, but it’ll better-than-bad.

And you have to get through the bad, and the better than bad, before you get to the good.

October 6, 2022 · #writing


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