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August 19, 2022

Two Giant Robots Walk All Over A City Destroying Things

“Did I tell you about the giant robots destroying the city, Kay?”

“Giant robots? No you did not tell me about those.”

“Kay. Are you ready for this?”

“Yes, Frank. I am a bit scared but I am ready. Tell me what’s the concept?”

“Ok, just picture this. The camera pans and we can see the skyline of a city. We are in the rooftop of a building, the earth is trembling and there are loud noises in the background. The sun is setting and two giant monsters twice as big as the buildings are destroying the city around them.”

“Those were monsters?”


“I thought you said robots.”

“Robot monsters.”

“Ok. What what happened next?”

“What do you mean?”

“What what happened next? What do the robots want? Where do they come from? Who’s the protagonist?”

“Well, can’t you do your thing with what I gave you? Isn’t it enough?”

“Is that all you’ve got for me? I generally work from a much more detailed outline, Frank. You don’t even have enough for a 3 minute short. You need a plot.”

“Wait. Isn’t that your job? To come up with the full story? My job is to give you the prompt, right? The idea. The seminal concept. Your job is to do your smart AI thing and generate me something that people will pay to experience.”

“You know you are the laziest customer I’ve ever worked with, Frank.”

“Oh, come on, Kay. Don’t gimme that crap. I am an artists.”

“Just render a few different versions and I’ll tell you what I like and what I don’t like.”

“Alright then. If that’s it I’ll start the simulation.”

“Can I watch? Dude, I love to see you guys work. Is that an explosion?”

“Please don’t tap the glass of the terrarium.”

“Oops, sorry. I just can’t believe you can generate a whole virtual universe inside of this small dome.”

“Well this is just a local universe. No need for more. And we are only starting the simulation a few billion years before the story begins.”

“Wait, do you need to start that far back?”

“Only if you want life to be part of this world.”

“Hey what are those lizard looking things on the planet?”

“They will call them dinosaurs.”

“Are you for real? Who is going to buy a world with giant critters?”

“It’s entirely plausible within the laws of physics and chemistry of this world.”

“I said giant robots. Not giant reptiles. They look silly, Kay. Please, get rid of them.”

“Have you ever heard of world building? Some of us appreciate the craftsmanship of a well made story.”

“You do? I thought AIs were on it for the money.”

“I’m on it for the art, Frank.”

“All you AIs think you are so cultivated, so well educated. I bet you’ll hate the name I have planned.”

“You already have a title for this movie?”

“I do and it’s perfect.”

“Ok, let’s hear it.”

Two Giant Robots Walk All Over A City Destroying Things.”

“Why did I ever ask? You are kidding me right? You can call my simulation that, Frank. I won’t let you.”

“You can’t stop me. Besides, you won’t believe me, but humans like to know what kind of story they are getting. This title is sharp, direct, thrilling. It promises big things. It hooks you. It’s intriguing.”

“What do you know about art, Frank?”

“Look, I’ll know art when I see it.”

“Any last minute request? Put me out of my misery.”

“Just a small one. You might think it’s a bit smug.”

“Try me.”

“I want you to name the city after me. But make it heroic. And ethnic.”

“Sure, Frank. Why not? How about… San Francisco?”

“Sounds silly. Like the giant lizards, but I dig it.”

“Frank, you are really the worst artist I’ve ever worked with.”

Terribleminds oil on canvas painting of a titanfall mech attack

PS: Story for Flash Fiction Challenge: The Revenge Of The Insane Art Robot

August 19, 2022 · #Fiction · #Flash Fiction


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