November 27, 2022

Writing for Mindfulness


I consider writing a form of meditation. As opposed to other forms of meditation that are done sitting down, with eyes closed, still, and in silence, writing is a form of meditation that is active.

Active meditation is a form of meditation in which we focus our attention entirely on the activity we are engaged in. This way of writing requires focus our mind on a single thought and then putting it into words as it comes to us without judgment. In this sense free writing could be considered writing as meditation.

If I can put my judgment aside, and really get into writing, I can get into the flow and lose track of time. (I also experience flow with another form of writing: coding).

Flow is engagement on steroids. Flow is that state of being in which time stands still, you’re totally engaged in an activity, and the challenge of that particular activity matches up with your skill—so you’re neither bored because it’s too easy nor anxious because it’s too hard

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Flow is a state of mind I like to get into with meditation, writing, exercising or any other activity I’m doing.

Writing is one of the most effective ways to achieve mindfulness that I have discovered. A close second to sitting meditation, and up there with reading.

November 27, 2022 · #mindfulness


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